A shooting bag is the perfect tool to organize your shooting supplies into a single place and protected during the off season. Gone are the days of searching for that snap cap, a pair of shooting glasses, or your favorite choke tube. Shooting bags have been designed with one purpose - allows shooters quick access to all their shooting supplies. Shooting bags range in sizes from a smaller field style to full sized shooting bags that will hold everything for that round of sporting clays. They are designed with specialized compartments and pockets to fit everything from shooting glasses, choke tubes, to hearing protection.

Quality Leather Gun slips


• Fully padded

With or without pocket
30 or 32" No.10 coil zipper
• Barrel length

Woven Nylon Shotgun Slips

• These slips are water resistant and hardwearing
• With Leathersnouts
• 30" or 32"
• Full length No.10 side zipper and zippered pocket

• Umbrella mount
• Available without zipper on request, with flap

Woven Nylon Padded Travel Case

• Fully padded case covers, for protection and travel

• Security sides and No.10 coil zippers
• Tailor made to suit most models - send photo, sizes, (length width and thickness, also centre width for curved cases)


Leather toe tabs available with or without peg.

Padded Cartridge Bags

• Available 8 box or 4 box capacities

• 2 divisions and front pocket on large size

• Mixed colours

Padded Cartridge Bag with Drink Bottle Holder

• Available with or without pocket

• 6 or 8 box capacity

Rifle Bags

Hardwearing woven nylon padded - Tailormade

Farm Bike Scabbards HD Leather

• Heavy duty with steel spine

• HD clips and straps

Pistol Bag

Made to order

Padded leather or nylon bags made to order. Most colours.

Leather or Woven Nylon Skeet Bags

Larger capacity sporting bags available

Case Cover and Slip

Matching products

Leather Gun Slip

• Special order only

• Side release flap - no zipper

• Quality leather

Leather Padded Gun Slip with Single or Double Top Flap

• Brass buckles and dees

• Full length side zip

• Handle and sling

(Approx. 10 days for delivery)

Padded Cartridge Bag

• 8 box

• 2 compartments

Leather Skeet/Sporting Cartridge Bag

• Suede Style Finish

• 2 Compartments

• A popular quality product

Leather Gun Slips

Padded with pocket and side release clips

• Tan

• Brown

• Mid Brown

Leather Rifle Bag

• Full length zip

• Handles and sling

• Bolt pocket

Padded Case Cover

Made to order
Most colours in heavy woven nylon